Wednesday, June 4, 2008

sometimes I read way too much into things

Received this song via email from the hottie.

Nice lyrics. (we have country music in common)

Tu Compania
(Keith Urban)

Sounds real good now
If I could be anywhere with anyone
You know exactly where'd I'd be
Under the covers waiting for the sun to rise
Your head on the pillow next to me

Your feet propped up on that kitchen chair
Morning papers scattered all around you
Coffee brewing on the cast iron stove
And the pleasure of just knowing that your mine

Well, I love the way you look
Love the way you feel
And the way you roll your eyes
At the kisses that I steal
Love the way you stare
When you're staring right at me
I just love your company
Oh, yes, I do

Arm in arm on some Spring sidewalk day
Laughing just because it feels so right
Wrapped up under the blankets all cozy by the fire
As long as you're here close enough to touch


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