Tuesday, June 10, 2008

red and irritated...and dreamy

Oh this weather.

Good news is my air conditioning will be fixed tonight.

Bad news is that it's going to be a normal temp tomorrow. Later tonight even. Oh well. I survived, it's lovely at work, my burn hurts like hell, bra wearing is optional (although not in my case) as the straps rub the burn, but I'll live. My poor dogs at home, there are windows opened, but I'm worried about them. I may ask the dog walker to check on them for me.

I'm still gaga headed over the hockey hottie. It was as though he never left for a few months, we started right off where we left off. My friends left us alone, we were deep in conversation, although I was nervous as hell and probably drank a few too many g & t's. Oh and I ordered everyone shots, but I was a happy bunny. Note that I think he's shy, well I know he's shy, as am I, so NEVER, except legs under the table and arms touching because we were deep in conversation, never has he put a hand on me until Friday, when he was leaving rubbing my back and arms. And me grinning at him like a goof, with my friend L's voice in my head going "attack, attack now!!!!!". And then he left, turning around to smile at me again.

No TD, no kiss. It's rough with 2 very shy people, let me tell you (and if you met me you would NEVER peg me for shy, but with a guy whose company I enjoy? Oh man.)

So, I wanted to make sure that he knew that I had been happy to see him, so I emailed with a note to say how pleased I had been. And he answered back that he felt the same. And the emails have ensued since, about 20 a day between us on average. He email flirts, I email flirt.

So what do we do now? Hope I see him again soon. He may be working as of tomorrow...which is excellent for him, very pleased for him considering he's been out of the country for 15 years and has never done anything other than something hockey-related. Welcome to the world as I've known it my entire adult life!

So. I am a goofball, and he's what I think of when I go to bed, and what I'm thinking about when I wake up, and I goddamned wish he'd damned well do something.

Oh and booblicious shirts work. Caught him looking at the cleavage twice. It was a bit more booblicious then I wanted...but that was also the booblicious bra. Combo of the two...yikes!

Back at work. Have a severe sunburn, sunstroke, an asthma attack...oh my, Sunday and yesterday were fun.

But my F1 team came in 3rd, I got neato photos (one of Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones no less) and had a blast. And paid for it later that night and the next day. Oh well.....I love the race. Nothing better.

And back to work I go. Doing a professional course, didn't write my paper, has to be out by the end of the day. Oops. I am not cut out for school.


Technodoll said...

See? the joo-joo sometimes takes a while but... it does work :-D

I don't know how the hell you surived the past few days with no AC... mind you, I live on a top-floor appartment and my furry winter-loving dogs are just panting buckets, it's horrid.

It better be back to normal tomorrow... sigh.

We need more HH details, woman! :-D

myself said...

I'm hoping the joo-joo works...I really like this guy and we don't shut the hell up, like, ever. I love it when that happens.

I am alive, and I hope the repair works well tonight or I may cry. I think the only thing getting me thru this is the man high. Without it I would be a puddle on the floor, tears and sweat.

HH...hrmmmmmmmmm he's cute? He's tall? He's confident but not arrogant? He's brainier than he gives himself credit for? I like him a whole lot more then I probably should?


Technodoll said...

Sounds like a winner!


*throws out more good joo joo*

Surfergrrl said...

so totally know about the shyness and awkwardness. it's uncomfortable and quite enjoyable at the same time. it's chemistry!

boobalicious bras totally rule! thank god for bra technology!

myself said...

TD-Here's hoping for the joo-joo....I really like this one, and one thing about me, I rarely like men like that...almost never... Sigh.

surfer - oh yeah the early on chemistry thing makes you feel sick (you should have seen me the other night) but yet I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now let's just all hope this is for real and not imagined by ME!