Friday, June 13, 2008

let the happy dance begin

You can tell it's Friday just by coming into my office. My iPod speaker thingie is turned up just *that* much louder, I'm bopping to the music, and I've got a grin on my face.

It's finally Friday.

Can I hear an "Amen!" please!?!?!

Going to see "Sex and the City" with the girls tonight, I loved that show way back when, it was well written, funny, and nothing like my life although I have always identified with Miranda. Hard shelled, work driven, independent....but actually a big ole moosh.

Hoping to see the HH tomorrow, but we'll see. He works tomorrow, by choice, so whether or not he'll feel up to it I don't know. Fingers crossed everyone ok? And an extra sprinkling of joo-joo TD! God knows how fabulous I am, he'll want to see me right? hahhhha!!! Poor boy just isn't used to the 9-5...but he'll get to the point that he can go out on school nights like I do all the time. Then again I have a friend from a former job that says I'm a party machine...which is true, back in those days, I worked 2 jobs, one from 8:30-5:00 the next one from 5:30 -10:00 ish, sometimes midnight/1 in the morning if the flights had a problem or were late. And then I went out. Every night on the weekend. I don't think I slept much.

However, I need a bit more rest these days, I was 32 then, I am 39 now. Please note, a hot 39 (!!!!)

Actually I take after my dad with the oily skin, keeps the skin young, I don't go in the sun (unless I have to, as in the Grand Prix.... or the Highland Games - um men in kilts...helloooooo??? worth all the sunstroke you can get!) and just generally, I lucked out in genetics, my dad looks 10 years his junior, and I'm mistaken for the same myself...except that I am 39 and don't mind telling people and laughing at their faces! Said I was 40 in a shoe store last week (in reference to my objection to Mary Jane shoes....goddamn I'm not 12), which is true, 40th year, and the salesperson looks at me with a scrunched up face and says "OMG you're 40? I thought you were maybe 30!" Yeah no. All these life experiences and self-confidence? I've been on the earth 39 years baby.

Heh. And you guys have no clue what in hell I look like. Beuts!

Going for dinner with my former boss next week. I think the company are sending him back to Japan. Sad. Nice man and I really enjoyed working with him. But they haven't treated him well, and I'm worried his job will reflect his Canadian treatment when he gets back there (and he will work himself to death for the company and has done in the past, it's the Japanese way). Sushi/sukyaki downtown...I'm sad he's going back, one of my favorite bosses ever, regardless of the differences and how annoying he could be (just a cultural thing, ask a million redundant questions and drive your employees insane).

And I guess maybe I should get to work?

I'm thinking of HH. Can't help it. I'm a goner. He emailed me his work email so I had it yesterday. Cute eh? Sigh.

Seriously. I am never like this. My girlfriend J is in awe. Can't believe this is me. And is happy it is so maybe I won't end up single at 50 like her. Loves her, but she's just permanently single!
And I don't know why, her flirt is the best in the business....she's got that going on (another one that doesn't look her age...we've decided it's not having kids, keeps ya young).

She's taught me the flirt well, my flirt is no longer broken.

Anyhoo. Work. They pays me the big bucks to be a manager and I'm blogging.



Technodoll said...

Viva the perma-youth! 38 here and no kids either, thanking genetics for not making me look my age either. I loves it. I am sooo not ready to grow up... is that why I am marrying a man 4 years younger than me? *grin*

I know where your brain is today young lady, it's in some HH's pants so yeah, take it easy Friday, here comes the weeeeek eeeend!!

myself said...

Oh way to go on the younger man!. HH is only 2 years my junior..but thoughts are in his pants...erm eyes...erm...somewhere....

My it's warm in here ;-)