Saturday, June 21, 2008


Ever had these flashes of an idea......then thought to yourself or found out that maybe it wasn't the best idea you've ever had?

Well I did something last night when I got home from the pub that I think I'm going to regret. They say ignorance is bliss, and I no longer feel any ignorance, I know what is going on, and I'm not sure I'm happy about it. I'm also not certain what I'm going to do about it, although the game has already begun, in the form of a little "I missed you" email.

I'm not going to go into what I figured out or for that matter what I did, I'm a bit ashamed, but I can tell you all that I'm not happy about it. The smile that I have gone around with for the past few weeks has been wiped off with the look at one web page. The flutters in my stomach have been replaced by a sinking feeling.

Confused people, because this is obviously what we are dealing with here, or men that are attracted to the drama, are not something I want to be involved with. As much of a bitch as I may come off as, I don't care.

What will I do about it?

I know the way I feel. Felt. I don't know anymore.

All I know is that I have no luck in this area and my karma seems to be completely fucked.


Anonymous said...

What's going on??? I missed something....

myself said...

I'm done. I'm cooked. I'm pissed.

Surfergrrl said...

what happened???