Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2 day hiatus

I'm off on the whirlwind concert tour tomorrow morning early, so I'll update y'all when I get back!

Have a great 2 days!

P.S. still fluffy here....sad, I know.... :)


sw12expat said...

Hi crazed single woman - I was just googling "CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD" (don't ask why except it's one of my fave films - see my blog) and up came your blog.
Loved Montreal when I was there for about 2 days in 1991!)
My blog is under "SW12Expat.blogspot" (Don't expect you to be interested - but thought I'd justify what l've said !)

Technodoll said...

Hope you're having a blast, hun! Come back home safe and with lots of fun stories to share!!

myself said...

hey there sw12expat, welcome....

TD had a blast... now not so much :(