Thursday, June 5, 2008

it's only money right?

So for those not in the know, I'm working out, eating well, and losing weight.

Well the time has come to get more jeans. Might not sound like alot to you guys but....size 14s. One size from my major goal of 12. (Keep in mind I'm very tall, and unfortunately inheirited my grandmother's larger frame - I'll never be a 6).

So off I go. Want a booblicious shirt for tomorrow also. Want to feel a bit sexayyyyy.

Oh yeah need another bra, one of my good ones, but man, it was expensive. But it's too big now.

Frig. $100 on a bra.

Ok off I go, cuz I have to get back and work. Yes work. The joys of management.


Technodoll said...

Hun, that is AWESOME news!! Holy mackeral congratulations! You must feel so thrilled - I know I am for you ;-)

I can't do expensive bras... nothing to fill them with. sigh. You lucky.

So... tomorrow is the night, eh? woot!

Surfergrrl said...

Good for you!! expensive bras are worth any cleavage this 34B can get!

myself said...

TD - personal trainer is convinced I can do more, and I can, maybe down to an 8. Keeping it off is HARD! Hehe probably nothing...and I'm not a loose and easy chick. Wish I was, just don't have it in me. A kiss wouldn't go amiss however.

Surfergrrl...yeah bras...36DD. SUCKAGE! Anyone getting implanst get an ARE YOU INSANE? from me. Course if they were silicone...they'd look prettier... hrmmmm