Wednesday, May 28, 2008

fun and games

So I'm trying to mow my lawn. I get sick when I do that, I'm allergic to it, but it's so long right now no one else will touch it. So I borrowed my girlfriend's gas mower, managed to flood it. So I'm blogging. Problem with me is my nose is running so much right now, I'll never go back out.

However, the kid down the street is looking for mowing work. SCORE!

But not in the condition it is right now, the city is going to give me a warning if I don't do something like NOW.

Girlfriend is coming over to start it for me. I have a battery operated mower....which can't go thru my lawn you see. Not the length it is currently.

So last night, not only was I seemingly rejected, I got the video that was prepared for my sis-in-law's funeral. Just one of those photo stream thingies with sad music, they had played it in the funeral home, but I didn't go to the room it was playing in, I knew I would probably bawl. Stayed with my ex husband and my bro in law and his wife (who's probably the only family member other than my ex that likes me now that sis in law has passed).

So, I broke down watching that thing. Bawled like a baby, particularly the wedding photos (ironic, seeing as I hate weddings). Oh and the photos that were recent of her, her son, and the ones of her and my ex, who was so afraid to go see her until I said to him late last year that he better go soon or she wouldn't be around anymore. I'm glad he did.

It's been said, that I am like a Whippet cookie. Hard on the outside, mushy on the inside. Which is true. I'm hard as nails to most people, alot don't like me or don't know how to take me, yet the slightest thing happening to myself, someone I care about or an animal and I'm a mess.

Sigh. Being me sucks sometimes.

P.S. Seems that my girlfriend didn't tell me the jerican beside the mower had DIESEL IN IT!!!!

We shot everything out and I'm hoping hoping hoping it's not dead. Cuz I'll feel really guilty.


Surfergrrl said...

I'm so glad I've never been asked to edit one of those videos. Even if I never knew the person it would be way too sad. So sorry to hear about your sis in law. Man it's so sad to hear about young people passing. ugh! As I've said before, cancer sucks!

Technodoll said...

Oh dear... sounds like a difficult evening altogether :-(

Are you sure you don't want a big akita hug, sloppy cowtongue kissies and all? Much better than a guy date, if you can endure all the molting hair...

Hope you are better today, enjoy the sun while you can cuz it's gonna suck this weekend. At least the pollen count will be down a bit.

myself said...

Well, happy to announce that I don't think I broke the mower, it worked well after getting rid of the diesel :-O

surfergrrl - yes, cancer does freaking suck. 36 year olds are not supposed to outlive their 82 year old mothers.

technodoll - Akita kisses are LOVELY. I used to be a dog groomer and I had an akita client that I loved...he was such a great dog, and I love the big ole head.

Hair on the other hand? Mini Dachsies have none, for which I am eternally grateful!

Ok back to work. This is a lovely distraction, however they pay me the big bucks to produce for them. Go figure!