Sunday, June 29, 2008

worst. weather. ever.

Holy good god is it over yet?

Thunderstorm last night, so it's now like an Amazon jungle out there. Shoot me in the head. Please.

I am going to a friend's recital today. Tabernac. It's gonna be hot I'm thinking. Oh yey.

So I've attached two photos from last night, fuckit, I get outed, I get outed. Man it's hard to take enough photos to get something decent in a 15 minute period (approximately, 3 songs, that's it).

Concert was fabulous however (Sarah Slean), and had I not been with a very crowd-phobic friend, I would have moseyed over to the jazz fest to take a few more photos.

Oh well....I'm not so good in crowds either myself.

Cool. I'm not leaving the house til I have to dammitall.


Surfergrrl said...

really good pics! I love the black and white one. beautiful!!

Prin said...

Ooo, looks like fun. :) Better than the napping I got into all weekend. :D

Technodoll said...

Girl, how do you do it... I just want to stay in my cave, eat ice-cream and watch house flip shows, LOL!

Awesome pics btw :-D

myself said...

surfergrrl - thanks very much, cuz I wasn't feeling so positive about this batch!

prin - I napped here and there....but yeah I had fun...I'm loving this photography thing

technodoll - you move from AC to AC, hoping the whole time that nothing breaks down. Actually downtown wasn't too too bad Saturday night after the sun went down, and the rain was nice under the circumstances. merci on the pics...waiting for her management to comment on them (ack!)