Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ok....how do I not sound like a complete loon?

Ok so the Hockey Hottie.

After about 17 emails back and forth between us, offers of showing me legal documents for the business he had (which he doesn't any longer), I think we're straight.

Meaning what I'm not sure. He's been away for 3 months, I've all but thought of nothing since he fucked off without telling me (apparently had 6 hours notice only, no internet access, one phone call a week to his parents)....finally start to not think of him til Sunday when I was near his parents place and had a dream about him.

Then bang an email from him.

I easily forgive unfortunately, I cooled down completely on the subject. He's sent me information, 2 pages of it, trying to fix a wrong by taking off without telling me. So I guess I can let my guard down.

We're meeting for beers after I've been to dinner with friends on Friday night.

God help me.


Technodoll said...

It always starts with beer... *grin*

Yes a man must be willing but you know what? So few women actually dare to seize the moment (so to speak) and it really turns most guys on to be "taken"... erm.

Bring the condoms is all I'll say! ;-D (just in case)

myself said...

The pub is literally 3 blocks from my house.

However...I'm pretty sure that I'm just buddy buddy material.

We'll see.

myself said...


What's the joojoo say about this one? tee hee

Technodoll said...

joojoo says hocky hottie be horny, may be good to relieve lady stress :-D

myself said...


Yeah. Well I'm thinking not. But I guess we'll see just how "happy" he is to see me?