Sunday, June 15, 2008

hermit hiding from heat

Ahhhhh air conditioning. Without it, I am a very very crabby woman.

I hate the heat. It hates me, as does the sun. Oh well.

Went out and enjoyed the band at the pub down the street (or my local as the Brits would say), no I didn't see the HH, however I did hear from him when he got up this morning, he went to a graduation party for a friend's daughter. He forgot til he got a text from another friend asking what time he was leaving. For what he couldn't remember....had to go. He's got memory issues due to previous work-related concussions. Since I've had 3, and he's had double that, I can relate unfortunately.

So....I didn't see him but it's ok. He explained. And I just figured he went home after work yesterday and died. Having a regular job is tiring :-) Yeah no kiddin'!

So my friend S said she's never seen me so happy. That I'm happy. Why I'm happy I have no idea, but I'm hoping that I find out. Wouldn't that be a blessing? Him coming back makes me happy. I know others think I'm a wuss or a pushover for allowing him back in my life after everything, however, after much discussion, it turns out alot of my assumptions were indeed incorrect.

Oops. This is what happens when my mind has no answers.

Work for 2 days, and then I'm outta here and off to Barrie for Stevie Nicks and then Toronto for Bachman Cummings. And back early Friday morning.

I never got my furniture done. I know. Bad girl. Lazy girl. Migrainey girl. Damn this weather and it looks like rain out there right now.

I really hope the whole summer isn't like this. They don't make enough drugs frankly.


Technodoll said...

Yup about the lack of good migraine drugs... I crunched a few pills over the weekend!

See, karma wants you to get the clutter out of your life first (ie furniture, renov, etc) so that you then have all the space you need for hot love sessions on the living room floor with HH.

Makes sense to me :-D

myself said...

Well, I did clean my bedroom. It was irritating me.

I will do alot of stuff Friday. And lookie, Friday is when I see him next. Coincidence? Probably not!?!!!

Gooseberried said...

I hate the heat too! I already can't wait for winter.