Thursday, June 12, 2008

what could make this day perfect

I have a few little wishes for today. Naturally, one of them involves the HH. As in I wish he wasn't so tired from his new job (got a cryptic email last night involving how tired he was and was going right to bed) and that he would come out with all of us tonight and have fun and most importantly...KISS ME!

However. That probably ain't happenin!

Just really wish I could see him again soon. I am not like this about anyone. A friend almost died when she saw what moosh I am.

I wish all the best for my client that lost his son in law this weekend and whose daughter is in critical condition.

Wish last night's work dinner hadn't been in the same location (even room) as my sister in law's wedding. I cried in the bathroom for a bit. I think I'll miss her forever.

I'm sure there are other things, but that's about it.

Oh yeah. Wish my headache would go away.

Wish you all a good evening too....


Technodoll said...

Bastid headaches! and ( hugs ) for the hard bits... sigh. Why can't only the bad guys get hit with calamity and leave the rest of us alone? :-(

Such a lovely day though... swallow some painkillers so you'll fly through your evening tonight, we all want news on that HH kiss you know!

Mooosh away, girl!

myself said...

Won't be tonight my dear, he's getting used to working like normal people...and it's killing hurting the big lug.

Hopefully weekend? Oh if only...