Monday, June 23, 2008


Ok first off (keep in mind my mood SUCKS right now)...why the FUCK am I at work today?????? I am useless as tits on a bull as is everyone else, and do you think any of our customers are actually working? Um no, because tomorrow is a frakking holiday, we're the only boneheads at work, as evidenced by the traffic on the highway this morning. Or lack thereof.

Ok I'll be fine. Really I will.

I'm also crabby, was up all night modifying my Myspace page to reflect my concert photography so I can grab me a few press passes for concerts. Last week's concert extravaganza reminded me how much I love it and how good I am at it.

Not that I ever expect to make a living at it, it's just a hobby, but one I really enjoy.

I have more hobbies then you can shake a stick at.

Just don't point the stick at me k? I'm a bitch and a half today.

Ok the HH.

Got email this morning. He didn't contact me because his grandfather in Ontario fell ill (lives in a nursing home and is ailing, has been for a while, he's told me about him before), and he left Saturday afternoon and got back last night, going back tonight to join his dad til tomorrow night (it's a holiday in Quebec tomorrow for those not in the know). I was not blown off on Saturday night. And in his defence, he is not accountable to me....he's accountable to himself and his family.

This does not erase what I found out though, and my trust issues in that respect!

Do men keep more than one option open at a time? Is this a common occurence? I date so little, yet I think I know men pretty well, and know how they think of things....would it make sense that a guy would be fishing in a few waters to see what he can catch? Or is this a bad thing. And by a few I mean only 2 and someone else. I have home ice advantage (to make a hockey analogy), but she has familiarity.

I get nothing. Understand nothing. And apparently am willing to accept more than most women - cuz I really do for the most part understand men and the way they work, because I tend to me more guy-like then chick-like. However, in this instance, I'm feeling very much like a chick.

Confusion reigns. Ain't it grand?


Surfergrrl said...

I'm having a bit of a hard time keeping up...regardless, it sounds like he is really playing around with you, which is not making you feel good. I'm so bad at dating advice...sigh...i just wish it wasn't like that. it's the easy button...sometimes I want to find it and hit it really hard.

Technodoll said...

Hah well guess who's working today... meeeeeeeee!

so nerr.

About the options thing... I know a few girls who do it so I wouldn't be surprised that some guys do it, too.

Does not have to be HH though ;-)

Mary-Ellen said...
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