Monday, June 2, 2008

hockey hottie

I knew this would happen. It was an omen that I jammed around the corner from his parents on Saturday, and then I had a dream about him last night.

I got an email from him last night. He was teaching in Russia....just got back on the weekend.

My life is a freaking soap opera and I hardly date!!! What the hell?

Yeah, just turned my iPod on here at work. One of his favorite songs, "Rockstar" by Nickelback.

Wants to see me.

I think the universe likes to fuck with me. I really do.

What do I do now? I responded back to him, as nicely as I could. Part of me wants to see him, the other part of me wants to punch him (the part of me that wants to see him is the lustful part, he's hot, hence the name). He's owes me a minimal amount of money, $40 and wants to give it back to me (hey, I'll get my moolah back, no arguments), let's go get a beer, feels guilty about it yadda yadda.... but I really do have the urge to deck him.

I'm going back to banging my head on the desk.



Technodoll said...

Wait- what did I miss? Who is this hottie!!??

myself said...

Hockey hottie is a guy I met in December, and he disappeared, completely, out of my life. I have kept thinking about him, dreaming about him, thinking I've seen him....he just doesn't go away, and he bloody emailed me (see here)

Unreal. Just my luck.

As for fate...I have to have some questions answered before anything would happen. I have many. I'm a smart girl, I know hockey, I know how to use google, and he's well aware, but some men lie...and I'm not sure if he's doing that or not, my instincts are slightly broken on the subject of him.

Technodoll said...

OK it sounds like you need a one-weekend-stand to get this guy out of your system! that and a box of whippets with a tall cold glass of milk, mmm Amen! *grin*

myself said...

Sounds good, however, the man must be willing!

I have more updates, but no time to write at the moment (booooo!)