Sunday, June 8, 2008

GAHHHHHH grrrrrrrrrrr

Goddamned heat pump. The humidity (66% today I believe) and it decides that turning on is not necessary. Meaning I have no air conditioning.

Which means I have to miss a day of work. Oh I am in a fabulous mood now.

So heard from the hockey hottie yesterday, briefly, as he was out to a party for a friend's child, wishing he could go home and watch movies instead. Heh. Sort of like me, BBQ but I was just in no mood truthfully....I could have happily stayed home instead frankly. and I like my friends, don't get me wrong, I am just super tired, 5 hours sleep yesterday, maybe the same today...and on top of it no appetite. Wonderful. But that's the weather.

So I put a service call in for the heat pump. More money! YAY! I'm sure it just needs a freon top up, hasn't had one in quite a few years.

Worked yesterday just fine.

Anyway. So there you have it. Annoyed I am. Humidity makes me very unhappy.

edited: no no it's 99% humidity. I'm going to sit on a racetrack why again?

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Technodoll said...

This swamp has been BRUTAL!! gah!!! is it over yet, FFS!