Wednesday, June 25, 2008

work ennuie

I love my job. Do not get me wrong. And I feel lucky to work for the company I work for.

But I guess I have so much else going on, this week I'd appreciate the time to get my house in order (literally, not figuratively) finish that godforsaken lawn, have the kid come mow it, and that'll be that!

If I clean my house will he come? (oh my loaded question, unintentionally). Who you ask? Kerist whoever can handle me would be appreciated, as long as they meet my requirements.

Which at this point is the right danglie bits. Apparently poutine and DQ have worn off :-) All this energy, and it's going to waste...wasted at 39. Kerist. A total shame I tell you. A shame.


I should work. I have enough of it.

Completely re-edited all my Sass Jordan shots...they look better, color coded better, have learned alot since last July apparently. Wish I could post my favorite shots on here, but they have my full name on them...probably best not. I pride myself that no one I know comes on here at the moment. And the minute I find out they do, I'm outta here! I like having the freedom to kvetch as needed.

It's our Montreal International Jazz Festival this weekend, a guy I know is on the Lotto Quebec Blues Stage on Friday night, think I'll pop down and take a few photos of him. Probably need a press pass...oh well, it's an outdoor stage, if I can get close enough I'll get good shots. I'm keeping myself pretty unavailable at the moment, purposely. HH who? Oh yeah. Him.

Ignoring him isn't too bad. It's not killing me as I thought it might.

Is he something I want? Dunno. Not being very nice right about now, do I really need this? Am I there to massage HIS ego? (god knows, I'm no freaking beauty queen, so I really can't see that as a possibility). And then again, I always wonder if I make myself completely unavailable and men run. This is not the first time. I'm either going after the same kind of guy, or, the common denominator, me.

Not so convinced I may not be the cause of this angst.

However, if someone can't handle me being busy. Well. That's me. I rarely relax. I'm always doing *something*.


Back to work. Freight waits for no one.

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Technodoll said...

Wow the jazz fest is already this weekend?! is it me or does time fly... jeez!!