Monday, June 16, 2008


Guess the best way to describe myself is fluffy.

How dumb am I? I seriously feel like a flake case today.

Because of attentive emails.

Getting through today is going to be hellish. Totally hellish. I'm only working 2 days this week and I am well aware they are going to be the longest 2 days in history.

Isn't that always the way when you're looking forward to something?

And this week, I am pretty much looking forward to everything. Absolutely everything! Dinner tomorrow, my trip and then the weekend with himself.

Can it get better?

Oh yeah, it can, humidity can f-off, as can these crazy thunderstoms that we're due. All week. Oh yay. My brain....told the Doc it was the worst time of year and to give me a prescription, I wasn't bloody kidding. Health insurance rocks.

I need to float downstairs and get cracking on coffee and breakfast, and then cracking on work. Yahoodles. So much to do, so little time, so many conference calls with overseas. It's a rough life I tells ya.


Technodoll said...

Two-day workweek... you're asking for a dry slap on the butt, you!


Half a day gone here, 4.5 more to go. Big whoopdee doo dah.

Where the hell are these storms and can we just get it over with, pleeeease?


Two Date Diva said...

I love having things to look forward to. Enjoy!

myself said...

2 more hours 2 more hours 2 more hours.

TD - tell me about it, let's get the storms done, over with and then I don't have to drive to Toronto in them on Weds. Dammit.

Diva - I love having stuff to look forward to as well! Except next week will be a bit of a let down, I do have one local concert, part of the Jazz Festival, and I applied for free Great Big Sea tickets in Ottawa for next Weds (it's a Celtic band from Newfoundland here in Canada, lots o' fun)

And my mind is NOT HERE right now, it's doing dirty things with a lovely man.


Surfergrrl said...

oh man i don't miss the humidity! i do miss big loud thunderstorms though. something about snuggling under the covers (when it's not hot and humid) to a storm...