Monday, December 1, 2008


So, I'm sitting here at work, leg KILLING ME (can I sue the federal government because I fell on the grounds of the parliament buildings?) and I have a song cycling in my head.

It's french, so I'm not going to put the lyrics here, but I'll betcha Technodoll knows it and will laugh.

Keep in mind I absolutely loathe Celine Dion, yet this song is in my head - Un homme pas comme les autres.

Have a laugh TD!


I'm also feeling a keen sense of loss. Things at work are nowhere near as fun, and truly, I don't want to be here. We spoke in the kitchen this morning, but, obviously, it's just not the same thing. I've been teary all afternoon.

And it's stupid because this is neither my fault, nor is there anything I can do about it. Period. Hell, it's not his fault either, it's no one's fault (although we could have had that talk a hell of a lot earlier, but I get it).

Guess I just feel like an idiot.


Mike said...

Yes, you can apologize for Celine Dion and I'll apologize for Bryan Adams.

All good?

myself said...

Oh yes Mike, that sounds lovely. I think actually I'd like to duct tape her mouth shut...

Technodoll said...

I used to hate Celine, now I just endure her. She can sang, I'll give her that...

Not laughing at the song nor your situation. Sigh. It sucks, it truly does and I feel horrid that it turned out like this.


Are you taking any xmas vacation time?

(( hugs ))

myself said...

Yep. It sucks. But. There's nothing I can possibly do about the situation. Nada.

Oh yeah I'm taking time between Xmas and New Years. I stay home alone for both of those occasions.

Not going to help my mental state at all.