Tuesday, December 23, 2008

sick & tired and...

Yeah still sick. Thanks to Jam Flirt for his cold, donated to everyone.

Still haven't heard from him. Yeah. Wonderful. I pay attention to men why again?

At work, counting down the hours when I'd rather be at home, asleep first off. Woke up last night choking, wasn't able to breathe out of my nose, and I can't sleep when I have to breathe from the mouth. Apparently I decided therefore to stop breathing.
I'd really appreciate this cold being done.

I'm skipping out of here at noon tomorrow, really don't much care if anyone likes that or not, I'm doing it, being here yesterday and today is bad enough, tomorrow just adds insult to injury. Then I'll go get my groceries (making myself a chicken with stuffing & gravy and potatoes & veg for Xmas day) and hunker down and not leave until I have to go to my parents place on Friday. With much booze. I forgot about that.

Thinking of doing jam tomorrow night, but I'll see how Jam Flirt behaves. I'm tired of making the effort to be nice.

that's all I've got. Everything else going on in my brain is much more negative, therefore I'll just not share, k?


Surfergrrl said...

what is he doing? just ignoring you when you are around him. Sounds like a complete ass. I don't know about you, but as I get older, I start to have less of a tolerance for people and their dramatic bullshit. Look dude, like me, or don't like me, but seriously quick being a dick. I start to think that it's possible that men actually get more immature as they start to get older.

myself said...

Yeah dude's being an ass. I'm told via a friend there are "issues" and hey, that's fine, but yanno, I don't get why you have to ignore people when they straight out ask a question. I'm not asking if he wants to do something, I'm asking how to get my contribution for a party to him. Helloo?????

I am so not tolerant of this shit, it's been a week, back in the day, I would have let myself be ignored for months....I was pissed 24 hours after the ignoring started LOL