Friday, December 12, 2008

It's finally Friday

Of course, we got snow overnight. Yeehaw not. So I have no idea what the drive to work will be like this morning. Off to the garage with the car, so I'm in late today. And when I get in, it's jeans and a company shirt, I'm exhausted to the extent I can't even tell you at this point.

Duran Duran on Thursday, yes Technodoll, I photographed them. And when I get my ass in gear, I'll letcha know where to find the shots. The boys pose like was a good concert, I felt like I was 15 and watching them on Muchmusic.

One point, I'm in the photo pit with the other photographers, and the women (please note they were mostly 35 and upwards in age) are SCREAMING like teenagers, and this photog and I look at each other, I told hi I was somewhat embarassed for them, being same generation and all...yikes!

If I get a cold, it's Simon LeBon's fault, he was sick (as was the backing singer I think) and of course being so close I could see up his nostrils, he was horking all over us photogs. Yay. Not.

Went to jam night afterwards, and met up with, ummm what have I called him? I can't remember, Jam Flirt, as well as others. Got called right up on stage to flounder, got a kiss as a reward (on the cheek, don't be too excited) and I think he bought me a drink, he won't say, but mine were mysteriously paid for by the end of the evening. Stay tuned, I'm photographing a gig on Saturday that he's performing in. He's not hot like HF, but he's got the most beautiful eyes and smile...and has a brain in his head (which for me is the most important part!). I'd say there might be interest. And again he can rub my back anytime :)

And last night I photographeda Six Shooter Records artist by the name of Royal Wood. Who has the most beautiful voice I have heard in a very very long time, despite being sick as a dog. As with most of the Six Shooter roster, his look is very stylized, very mod, they're an interesting band looks and sound.

I also discovered Serena Ryder, who it turns out was the headliner, and got a few shots of her. She was very good, really neat voice (ooo a smoker, bad bad singer) but while a pretty girl, is not a pretty singer, meaning that she looks like she's in pain frequently. Nothing against her thought, I know exactly that problem I have it also. I hate photos of myself singing!

Man I was late getting home though. Fucking city and routing you off highways, but not offering an alternative route. For those in Montreal who will understand this, the from the 720 the off ramp to the 20 west was closed off, as well as 15 south, so we were routed up Decarie, where the signs said that the 40 east and 40 west ramps were closed.

Um. Where in hell am I supposed to go to get home? Turns out the 40 west ramp was indeed open, thank god, because I think the first road guy I saw was going to die a death by my bitch. Not pretty.

Got to bed at 2. So for those keeping track, I think I got a total of 10 hours in 2 nights. So when I drop dead don't be surprised.

The chickenshits at work cancelled our dinner tonight, because of the snow. We're Montrealers, fuck the snow. But anyway, at least I can come home after work tonight. And go out after...oi!


Surfergrrl said...

so jealous about duran duran...except for the snot part. ha ha! Hope you can catch up on some sleep soon!

Technodoll said...

LOL at DD snot! :-D

Um, maybe I shouldn't ask to see the photos...


I get tired just reading about your crazy hours and driving around everywhere and jetset life!

But there are mens and flirtings and so, I stay hooked.

*goes off to bed now*