Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ya know, nothing like this time of year and being busy to suck the ever loving life out of one!

That and sitting in an hour and 15 mins of traffic for a trip that should take 15 mins! People are selfish, inconsiderate bastards when on the roads, here at least, and put them in a very expensive luxury vehicle or SUV and multiply by 100 % the asshole factor.

This morning wasn't an issue however, almost no one on the road, all took the excuse of the freezing rain (I had a Pontiac-sicle outside when I walked doogs this morning) to come in late. Delaying my manager's meeting and pissing me off greatly.


Duran Duran tonight, photos ensue, can't wait for that part, the concert, well, meh, I'm going with a friend who is big into them. It's to make her happy. What a good friend eh?

And then I'm going flirting, oh, I mean jamming.


Ok back to workie.

I'll read ya all probably Friday at some point the way things are going currently, just wanted to make sure you all know I'm not dead or anything!

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Technodoll said...

What? You get to take pics of DD? Oh man... say it ain't so and if it is so, will you post some??

Drive safe, you. I'm not touching the car until the city tells me to move it!