Wednesday, December 3, 2008

hump day (I wish)

Well, today is a better day I think, I'm feeling better, feeling thankful that nothing really has changed with HF.....he's still calling me, talking to me, and I'm making damned sure that he doesn't feel any sort of change in me, because truth be told, I like him and we have a helluva lot of fun together and I don't want that to change. And I'm doing my damnedest to make sure he doesn't feel like there's been a change because of what happened on Saturday.

My previous feelings can fuck right off. I can do nothing about this. And they seem to have taken a back seat, which is a relief. Haven't shed a tear today. And for anyone not in the know, it has nothing to do with hope that his feelings will change in the future, they won't, not gonna happen.

Today at work has been insane, and I have a business dinner tonight as well. Then off to the jam session, at which I flirted ceaselessly with one of the organizers. He's cute. Met him during the summer, but he had a girlfriend, who is since gone. Turns out that we went to high school together. And if I'm repeating myself, please excuse me, I'm wiped out tired from today, I hate spending my day deep in thought. Too much thinking or something.

Anyway. He's cute. He's single, and we flirted alot last week, so let's see if it happens again this week. I liked the way he looked at me while we were on the stage and I was doing his backup vocals. Yeah baby. Flirting is good.

I also learned how to play the part in Maggie May that is done on the mandolin (as in my mandolin). Wasn't too hard thanks to Youtube.

Ok. Need to get more of this shit done. yay work.

thanks for your comments all. I think a good night's sleep helped immensely last night, but you guys help too :)


Technodoll said...

You know we loves ya!

(hugs) and good luck tonight with all the socializings! and flirtins. Ouain.

ps: i need to know how you can work a full-time job, be out most evenings AND have a houseful of critters. Damn. You are GOOD!

Surfergrrl said...

have fun tonight! :)

myself said...

TD yeah I'm good - I just don't clean the house and never get any sleep!

Flirting was successful, found out a few interesting tidbits!

Surfergrrl - good time was had by all