Sunday, November 30, 2008

day trippin'

So, we were off to the nation's capital yesterday, HF had never seen it, so he came along with me to a friend's house warming party, which was fun. Albeit hard to see my screwed up friend attached again, and this time to a nice woman, someone I liked alot.

We went walking around parliament, which I had never ever done myself, in my life (how sad is that), I taught HF all about black ice after he hit a patch and fell, then I hit a patch and fell (oh my aching leg, still hurts today, gronched my knee something wicked). He's done been Canadianized by hitting the ice!

I dropped him off near home (to his objections, dammit, I wanna whack him sometimes), he invited me in for a coffee, but first, I had wanted to go Park du 6 December (or whatever it's called exactly), it's been 19 years since the girl I know died, I figured I could handle it and it's right near his house.

So, he went with me, and I actually didn't cry. I'm surprised. Found her name. We said a little prayer, and that was that.

Went back to his place, he made some dinner for us, we yakked, I saw photos of his hometown, his friends, his family....his dog that he misses. Due to the talk, he figured I needed a drink, gives me this killer alcohol I can't remember the name of, it made my hands numb almost immediately...the we sat, drank beer and listened to music, ate, and yakked.

So I meant to go running today, but the knee precludes my being able to. Dammitall. I am feeling highly undesireable today, not for any reason in particular.

Lots of stuff going on this week, going to go back to jam night on Weds, hopefully able to play the mandolin, choir practise on Thursday, and a colleague is having a party on Saturday so HF and I are going together.

Called HF today, to make sure he knows I'm not mad at him. He'll be a good friend, I'm his only friend in Montreal, and it means alot to him. I couldn't be angry with him if I tried.


Technodoll said...

You know... you will keep friends like him in your life much longer than anyone you date so perhaps there is a silver lining to the cloud...

Sigh. I feel so !!rats!! for you. I hope this all means you are free to hug as much as you like now?

myself said...

He's a good guy and I respect him totally.

And yup...the hugs are many and string free.

You may be right...I may be hapier to keep him as a friend because that'll last longer.

He was so I called him today to see how his knee is and to complain about my hangover...and to make sure he knows I'm not remotely angry with him.

Surfergrrl said...

well i'm sure that was hard for him too. and i feel bad that he doesn't seem to comfortable with it yet because of his culture. But in any case, glad you found a new good friend.

Two Date Diva said...

Hope the leg feels better soon.