Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I know I know

I know. I've been super bad about keeping up.

It's this lifestyle I'm keeping you see. I need time, way more time, then I have currently. Always happens that I get double booked on the same night, and multiple events on the same day, never fails, never fear, it's always the same thing!


I'm here, and I'm ready to blog.

Whirlwind weekend, I didn't even see it pass by.....week actually. Duran Duran, Royal Wood, Serena Ryder, then Friday night's foray to see friends play, HF's birthday party & another friend's band Saturday night (which ended in a big ole mix up with friend's car being towed out of a no parking zone, which actually wasn't a no parking zone, and them having to find said car). Sunday brunch, dinner and then jam night (that wasn't planned). Then I got sick. Thank you Simon LeBon for infecting me with your nasty cold! Although my friend the musician says that it's ok to get sick via a rockstar!

I had alot of fun with HF at his birthday party, met some of his friends, and what he wanted me to give him for his birthday was to sing him a song. So I looked like a bag lady arriving at his place with booze and purse, camera and guitar in tow. But he was happy, and this morning gave me my birthday cake which I missed :D Man can cook like a demon, seriously! I lurves the boy like a best friend....I do seriously. Good dude.

Reason I missed his cake was due to Jam Flirt's gig....yeah I thinks he likes me. Huge smile when I arrived, big hug, a kamikaze kiss on the cheek (almost like an afterthought). He and friends convinced me to do something New Years (jam session sounds better then anything else that's been on offer). So....we shall see.

I don't count chickens after all my false starts. I sometimes wonder if I imagine things all the time :)

This week is much slower, however I keep being offered hockey tickets. Whites (which means if you have a vertigo issue you're fucked) on Saturday, and reds I can't use (those are the really really good ones...........gACK!)

I hate it when that happens.

Busy life. And tired. But I'll live. I swear I will.


Surfergrrl said...

sounds like a great weekend, minus the cold. the jam session for new years seems like a good idea. I wish I could sing. :)

myself said...

it was a great weekend, the cold can frankly go right to hell.

Yeah the new years thing sounds good....and sometimes it's just good to appreciate music, not perform it!

Technodoll said...

What! you can't refuse red tickets! That is insane!

I'd KILL for those.


So are you getting any sleep in this whirlwind, my dear! LOL!

I heard chocolates help... *ahem*

myself said...

Oh no I would have given them to you and told you to take the Brit!

Yes. Sleeping. Having been sick I had to!

As for chocolate...it does help *wink*

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time too. I wish I was here and ready to blog. Bah

Technodoll said...

The brit will get inducted to the great sport that is hockey hopefully someday, if I win the lottery or sumtin LOL!

In the meantime, he'll have to contend himself with playing xbox soccer.

*rolls eyes*

Mens! LOL