Monday, December 29, 2008

isn't this over yet?

Ok. I'd REALLY like to stop coughing. It would be most appreciated, if someone could get on that, I'd love it....anyone?

Not going away. As my sister says, a plague upon my house.

And I'd like to not want to die by 9 pm on new year's if that's ok, there's some good music to be enjoyed and some good people to enjoy....GEEZ!

I now need to make dinner. I'd like spaghetti (as in meat sauce) but I don't want to eat tomorrow, so I'm going to make a veggie/cheese pasta dish, quicker.


Maybe some seafood? Hrmmm good idea.

Me so smart :)

Back to barking. Resume your regular programming.


Surfergrrl said...

i remember the first year i lived in la, i had a never ending cold with a bad cough. i know the feeling. it sucks.

Technodoll said...

What the hell, woman! You're gonna end up hacking all over mister flirt and then what! LOL!

Bah, he'll never notice with all that nice breastesses going on. I surely wouldn't :-D

Please get better xoxo