Sunday, December 28, 2008

choice made!

Ok, so I took photos of myself wearing the 2 tops, and that made my decision for me, seriously, no question, so here's a shot of the top on, and a shot of the detail on the shoulder....

Girlfriend of mine saw both, and said this one hands down - said it says "boys, it's new years and I'm here to party!

So here ya go.....


Technodoll said...

Is it wrong to want to tear that top off you to get to the hot goodies just beneath?

And I'm totally straight, too.

Oï. You are going to cause serious heart attacks at the party. Better bring a defib machine, girl.


myself said...

ahhh boobage.

if that sucker doesn't net me a little ole new years kiss I dunno what will!

Seeing as, as my grandmother says, I have a secret admirer (due to my not having to pay for our party) - although he's not so secret!

Merci merci.... I get a bit self conscious in tops such as this (arms...I toned them a hell of a lot but it's always arms) but I saw me in it and went "wow" must be done!

Tee hee :)