Thursday, December 25, 2008


Hey all. I'm coming to you from in between naps. This cold. Ugh.

I've spent the day alternating between watching tv (I had no idea that the Cosmo channel was so fun!?!?!), sleeping and eating. And after listening to the complaints of friends whose family stories are enough to make me run and scream, I'm thinking I made the right call.

Turns out my sister will not be coming to my parent's place with me tomorrow, her boyfriend's dad collapsed downtown yesterday, had been sick, turns out he's had an aneurysm, being a nurse, she wants to get down to the Neuro to find out what is up. He's conscious etc, but she has 3 days off and wants to make sure she doesn't miss anything by being at the 'rents place. Hate that shit during Xmas. I have a wake to go to on Sunday, our director's mother passed the other day. Merry whoo-ha.

Had a lovely dinner last night with HF, dropped him and friend from Brazil at the St Joseph's Oratory for midnight Xmas mass, and I made my way down to jam night, to test out what in hell with Jam Flirt and to drop off a few deviled eggs to his friend (long story due to the cancelled brunch). There he was standing on the stage playing guitar wearing a Santa hat...big grin, and when he realized I was there the grin got bigger. Back to normal with an explanation of having been horribly sick (um seeing as I have the same cold, yeah, horribly, and my mood has been terrible). Note to self, gets Man Colds. Back rubs, huge hug, and a lot of attention paid to me.

When leaving around 3 am, well, the rain created an ice rink out there after all the snow, and last year's episode of "Myself breaks her ass" dictates that I'm rather fearful of the ice. My flirt walked me to the car with a quick "hang onto me!". And as he was running back to the bar (yeah I was terrified and he was running), I asked him about my contribution to the new years party and was told I didn't have to. "nope you're not paying". Hrm. interesting.

So there you have it. The Kevlar killing dogs murdered their first toy in the space of 2 hours this morning, the only squeaker, dead, completely disemboweled when I came back downstairs. Dogs enjoyed their $3.00 a tin wet food, as did the cat, the hammies enjoyed their alfalfa treat, and the turtles got spinach.

And on that note, I'm drinking a Neo Citran (Jam Flirt says as gross as they are they helped him thru this cold) and hitting the hay, hoping NOT to wake with a migraine as I do frequently when sleeping too much!

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Technodoll said...

Glad to finally catch up on your crazy life - sounds like things are a bit more on track with JF, thank the frigg!

Every woman needs a flirt in her life, no matter what she says ;-)

Hope your fambly day runs smoothly and that the neo citran helped - that stuff makes me gag but I've heard it can work wonders!

Let us know!

and... big hugs to you, yes the Bramble House prezzies were a HUGE hit :-D