Monday, December 8, 2008

and it's officially....

going into the homestretch of the time of year I hate/loathe/detest and I'm not really happy about it.

Nothing makes you feel like a lonely, alone, loser more than this time of year, if so inclined.

Getting it from all ends about New Years. I tried the "pretend to be happy" thing last year and made everyone at the party angry with me, so I'm not doing that again this year. It has been announced that I am staying home on New Years and everyone that thinks that I should go out and pretend to give a shit that I won't be able to write the correct year on my cheques in January (because that's what the new year is to me) are hounding me to go out.

Um. No.

Pay exorbitant amounts of money to be surrounded by drunk people who are to drunk to realize that it really doesn't matter, and we aren't having THAT much fun?

Not so much.

So I get thru all the parties, the little shopping I need to do, send it off to my family with my sister, and then I am not even answering the phone until January 5th.

Yep. That'll work just fine for me.


Surfergrrl said...

I SO hear you!! I'm not to do anything until MAYBE a day or two before. And that's only if something sounds mellow and I don't have to be on the road at all. At least I can use the excuse that I'm laid off and cant' spend the money. People don't usually try to talk you into things based on that situation.

Technodoll said...

You shouldn't even have to justify yourself - jeez. Lots of people don't fall for the hype, nothing wrong with that.

I've spent so many xmasses and new years alone, or in a crowd wishing I was at home doing stuff I liked instead of pretending. UGGGH.

Embrace your freedom, girl!

myself said...

It's just sooo....fake? I don't buy into the bull...I really don't. And it's nothing to do with being single, when married or in a relationship in the past, I did nothing either. I don't even wish people happy new year because...really? it's just another day.

Me, dogs, cats, hammies, turtles, a few movies and SLEEP! We'll snooze on the couch and that'll make me happy!

Surfergrrl, oooo I don't really wish I had your excuse, but good one!