Friday, October 3, 2008


Oh praise be to the gods or the goddesses.....whatever, all I know is it's almost the weekend.

Work coming out of my ears, but I've started to achieve an increase in business even with the economy the way it is, so I'm good with that! Work is what work will be!

I think I may have actually gotten enough sleep last night, thank god, I'm feeling alot less exhausted which is excellent.

Got a new hammie. Got to the SPCA and they were all still asleep so we woke one up and he was sweet (they can be unhappy when woken I'm afraid!), and loved being picked up and was very he came home to live with me. His name is Antoine.

Anyway. I had fun. And I feel a bit better that I could save another leetle hammie life. Happily most of the hammies that were there when I got Emmy & Mabel are gone, a few of Emmy's siblings left, but that makes me super happy.

Anyone in Montreal wants a bunny, they have about 15. Poor things.

Ok off to work!


Technodoll said...

When do we get to see the little bugger! Or do I have to invite myself over one day to meet them in person, he he.

*evil me*

You should get online with HC during the weekends... just a thought. A very wicked one.

myself said...

Well right now I need to let Antoine settle in, they say to leave them alone for the first few days, and I suspect that camera in face is probably part of that lol. And I can't wait to get a shot of Emmy...she is ADORABLE!

But hey, you can always meet 'em in person!

HC and I, as you know, don't need online this weekend. woo hooo!