Sunday, October 19, 2008

:-) <----this is me in a good mood

So I had a terrific night last night....

After working all freaking day on my house, I got the reward of a lovely evening with a lovely man, including taking photos of a fabulous Canadian artist by the name of Colin James....what a guitarist!

Before the show, we walked and talked for a few miles, I explained a few of the landmarks (including Habitat, which said looks like the houses the poor build in the mountains of his country - can't remember the name).

He actually enjoyed the concert....and grabbed my camera and took a few horrendous photos of me (I'm in them, therefore they are horrendous!).

Then we went downtown and had Szechuan food, and he actually, he took me for dinner :) I was not allowed to pay.

Then we sat and talked for 4 hours. Oops.

Anyway. FUn.

Now to meet a friend for breakfast, then to her art show, and take some photos of my other friend's house which is currently 8 feet in the air (has to replace her foundation).

Then I come home and die a bit and back out to see Ron Sexsmith and get some photos.



Technodoll said...

Can I say it? Can I? Can I?



*huge sh*t-eating grin on my face*

myself said...

this is me NOT counting chickens before they are hatched!!!!

Cuz...well....this is all too comfy to wonder about!

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I'm jealous! I was home with a freaky ear infection all weekend. Tell me more so I can live vicariously through you!

Elisabeth said...


Is all I can say!

x x

Technodoll said...

Hold on. You HAD a chicken just there! Enjoy that, and then enjoy the roasted chicken leg later. It's aaaalll good, even the poached eggs :-D

Two Date Diva said...

Way to go! Don't just love that new relationship smell?

myself said...

princessb - ahhhh ear infections SUCK poor you!

elisabeth - ahhhhhh yep :)

technodoll - leg? He's kinda on the skinny end but leg sounds good.... :D

diva - oooo not calling it new relationship yet...trying not to push it...