Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more of the same


Now how irritated must I be with Bell Canada? I know I know. None of them are any good around here...

Twice I ordered Expressvu (dish) and twice it got cancelled....so I got a nice guy from Ontario on the phone and he told me that my best bet was to go into the Bell store. So I did, got an awesome kid that got me a better deal then I got online, like $30 a month better...god bless and I will have tv on Saturday just in time to watch the Habs - cuz this girl is going into some serious withdrawl. And I'll get HBO. Thassa happy let me tell you!

I wanna whack people in the head today....work, I was walking by the HC's area and the girls he currently works with were grilling him, about me from what I could tell, and I know that irritates the shit out of him to no end. As in, lose it...he's a very calm guy but, although I've never witnessed it to that degree as of yet, I have no doubt he could lose it (and he says he has I just don't see it while steam pours out of his ears).

Then there's the manager that is bypassing me trying to get rates for a client. It's ok, his employees and I are colluding on that one. Piss me off again.

But all is fine, at some point I am going to have tv. PHEW! And currently due to a switch on the line (long story, but I need a special internet line as I only use cell and not a land line), I have no internet at home. Thank god for the episodes of Rescue Me & Six Feet Under that I copied eons ago....

Ok so that's me in a nutshell today, slightly disjointed, all riled up

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