Monday, October 20, 2008

ummm good

Tortellini with a basil cheese rose sauce, green salad, a glass of white wine....and Rescue Me (see Dennis Leary a personal favorite) on the tv.

Yep. It's a good thing :)

Completely insane day at work today. I got volunteered for something that I really don't have much time for. I mean, just because I'm enthusiastic about something doesn't mean I want to be volunteered by a managing director to do it nationally.


Busy busy otherwise.

I almost feel guilty for going to lunch with a cute airline guy tomorrow :) He's a rep, it's business, but I think he's awful cute. We used to work for the same airline, him in Toronto, me at Mirabel.

I want BBQ chips. Is that bad? Probably eh???


Week 2 of being good and cooking dinner every night and taking lunch every day. I'm pretty proud of myself. DInner out once. That's it. Ok except for with HC, but I didn't pay for that. I need to save $$. Big time.

Ok one of the guys on Rescue Me is spraying cooking spray on his balls because he had them waxed. Dammit, I love that show.

And on that note, another glass of wine is in order while I edit photos.


adventure grrl said...

Oh! I'm on a budget too so I can relate. But a little wine always makes a budget meal go down a little better :)

Technodoll said...

Your dinner sounds absolutely delicious. Lucky! I had a bowl of cereal, LOL!

And no wine.

Hope your day is full of chills and thrills... when is he gonna make the move! What are you waiting for to give him the green light?

hrmph :-D

myself said...

adventure grrl...yep vino helps all! I just have to be careful with my moolah, I'm such a dolt these days with it, it's amazing how easy it is to let slip thru the fingers

technodoll - VINO! When is he gonna make a move? Not a clue, assuming it'll probably be when we watch a movie. If only sooner, however seeing as we see each other most of the time at work....well that ain't gonna happen. I'd like him for lunch one day :D