Wednesday, October 15, 2008

oh no it's not good!

Ok I had a glass of wine while cooking dinner, which of course resulted in loud Pogues music being blared whilst creating my bland dinner (stupid, didn't taste as I cooked, was too busy singing "you're a bum you're a maggot you cheap lousy faggot" the top of my lungs causing dogs to stare....), but that can be saved of course.

My mental state cannot however.

It's behind the fridge. My mind that is. Follow my vino brain please :)

I was just reading something about how if my house isn't clean then I won't get a man. So I'm cleaning.

Ok. I've had too much wine. It's official. But my kitchen is looking good. Woo hoo!


Technodoll said...

Don't worry, you may be playing it cool but I'll bet a million dollars your eyes are spitting sparks out at this man.

Since I don't have a million dollars, I am right, so neerrr.

How are you feeling today, post-vino? LOL!

myself said...


I have such a migraine anyway thanks weather! All worthwhile.

Yeah sparks. Thinking of using the one Portugese phrase I know on the sexy smiling winking's a good 'un ;)

Two Date Diva said...

I go on these cleaning binges every now and again. Always goes better with wine!