Saturday, October 25, 2008

must. stop. freaking. myself. out

Ok between Aveos and Softimage this week, I'm worried we're back to the mid 90's bullshit crap that was going on when I was laid-off from Lufthansa. It's unreal, and I wonder if the large corps out there are using the bullshit excuse of the "economic difficulties" to thin the employee herd when in fact they aren't doing as badly as they say.

Just my thought. Cuz up here in Canada, we're not faring as badly as the US is. And that's a fact that corporations are seeming to forget.

Anyway, it irritates the shit out of me.

Ok so what you've all been waiting for.

So. Now I'm off to photograph Jonas. Considered by some to be a hottie. Considered by me to be...well...too pretty. Muscles do fuck all for this girl. Really.

Happy weekend all :)


Technodoll said...

Wait, you're doing a work-meal thingie on a Sunday? Girl, talk about being committed, LOL!

Am glad you breathed and let the stress ebb out of your system... amazing how poisonous that shit is.

HC sounds like a doll. Keep him :-)

PS: have FUN with him tomorrow!! and updates will be waited on, hehe.

myself said...

no no no non!

It's a meal with people from work, having nothing to do with work, because we wanna do dim sum.

Yeah. He is a doll. I'd like to keep him if he'd let me :)

Surfergrrl said...

I'll be curious to see how this weekend went.

Technodoll said...

yeah. so. details, woman! details! :-)