Thursday, October 2, 2008

finally it's Thursday

Oh thank god. Means one more day til Friday.

I'm morose. Going to the SPCA to get another hammie, because if I don't the vision of that little animal dying in my hand will prevent me from getting another one ever again. And I vowed to have 2 at any time, in an effort to give as many homes as possible to these little abandoned rodents.



Technodoll said...

Maybe he's not daring to make a move because of your work situation... you being a boss and all?

Can you pick his friend's brain to find anything out!

myself said...

Well in a turn of events, he's coming with me to the SPCA.

How that happened I have no idea.

Anyhoodles, will fill in later.....if there's anything interesting to tell.

Surfergrrl said...

c'mon!! one more day before the weekend. ask him for coffee. yeah yeah, easier said than done.