Tuesday, October 14, 2008

nonsensical blather

So, for all my kvetching that I didn't wanna, I did work, my proverbial ass, off today. Tuesday, my agent in Delhi on my butt, a shipment gone terribly wrong that was going to Mexico....and a pile of requests as well as a project for the government.


A glass of wine would do me right now, however, I'm thinking that with the impending inclement weather (rain, what else?), it's not good to tempt the migraine gods with vino.

I'll save that for the weekend.

I got invited for dinner on the weekend. Hello???? I'm feeling pretty good about all of this.

I searched for the recipe for the Brazilian carrot cake....it's called Bolo de cenoura (apparently I pronounced it correctly). Yummy. It's flat. With a thin chocolate icing. Delish.

I forgot to pay the Videotron bill. I even wrote it down. But you see, I have issue with the way they bill us (this is local cable in Montreal). See, most of my bills go directly through my account and I don't even notice them, but I object to having to pay up front for service I haven't received. But unfortunately this has a tendency to result in my hving the damned thing cut off because I forget to pay it, regardless of the multiple notes I tape to my computer, the fridge, the cupboard door....I am an idiota. So I'm waiting for the payment to make it to them for reconnection. Sigh. Idiota

But this is quite alright considering that I want nada to do with seeing anything concerning the freaking election. Don't get me going. It's really best.

So I'm editing photos for a friend, removing time stamps....yeehaw, I should also upload my photos from Thanksgiving and all and sundry that we did. As well as upload a few items to my Etsy store.....sigh.

Everything I need to do and so little time to do it in. I love my life.



Technodoll said...

Bah screw this, I had a nice glass of wine last night in an attempt to push loneliness out of the way - my liver wasn't impresssed, LOL!

So you're not missing much.

Don't forget to breathe in all of this... and sleep a few hours, you need your energy for this weekend.


Did I understand correctly.. HC invited you on a date for this weekend????

*waits with bated breath*

myself said...

I was *oh so close* to the bottle of white in the fridge....ever so...

I guess HC invited me on a date. Dinner. His place. He's wicked cook from the look of his lunches...

Is that a date?

We're going to the store at lunch together...Perhaps I'll have further info then.

Technodoll said...

Yes, it's a date that requires you wearing clean underwear - that's all I'll say :-D

ROTF!! you'll never guess what my word verification thingie is!!