Sunday, October 26, 2008

of chicken feet & hot singers

So. Jonas last night. I don't find the dude to be the most attractive (in fact, for me his brother Lukas I find more attractive), but dude is one sexy mofo mover. Yikers. Those hips. Nuff said.

Funny thing is, met his parents, met his bro (hence I know how hot the bro is) and then realized that I know his dad...teacher at a local high school, frequently in my parent's store when they had it. Small world.

Anyway, twas a loud concert, many screaming fans (including a friend of mine, who behaved at sat at the back of the venue), but my friend the photog knowing the family was mucho useful.

I can't show you any photos yet because I'm waiting for the ok from the management. Or him. Not sure which. Photogenic dude though.

Anyhoo....onto today....

Like a good bean (and as instructed), I texted HC to make sure I was still meeting him somewhere so he could figure out where we were eating (he wasn't sure and I'm glad cuz I forgot where the restaurant was myself!), he called me back....we determined where we were meeting.

So I'm waiting and get a call from him that he's running late (at 11 and he's not at the metro, behaving ever so South American....then he calls and says where he is so I walk up to meet him.

So we wander about, he complains that it's early (ha!) on a Sunday, he had a rough time getting out of bed. Get to the restaurant after me getting us mixed up, and meet everyone else.

Dim sum was fab. God I love it. Okay except for the chicken feet. HC and another colleague ate those. After HC did rude things with them at me that I caught on film. (an aside, do you still call it film?) and then told him "dude that is SO going on Facebook!". It is now there, and apparently disturbing to some (you know who you are!). It's funny. He insisted on preapproving it, so I emailed it to him after I uploaded it and the response I got was that it was horrible but fun. Um yeah. I have no control over what people on the other end of my camera do!

We wandered about, went to the chinese bakery, sat and ate some sesame/red bean buns (the same one..) and did some grocery shopping...

And. That's that.

Good time had by all.



Surfergrrl said...

yeah! sounds like a fun day! ooh i really want to see those pics! :)

Technodoll said...

He he. Admit it, that photo was ruuuude! LOL!

I love it that you're happy and bubbling. LOVE it!!

myself said...

ah surfergrrl...I sent you an email, and yeah it was fun.

technodoll...yep that was a rude photo, I died laughing when he did that! Yeah I'm happy. I worry though...I am such a worrier...