Thursday, October 30, 2008

devilish fun all my shite together for my costume for tomorrow.

See, it's my friend's birthday. Yes, Halloween, poor boy.

He's the bartender at the pub down the street from me, always throws a big Halloween party for his birthday, and tomorrow is no exception. And I'm always given the heights of shit for appearing without costume.

So....I put together something I can both wear at work tomorrow and tomorrow night (although tomorrow night with be the more boolicious sexay version!)

I'm now horny and got some tail. Ok horns, a tail (red sequins no less) and for evening red velvet gloves.


So there you have it. Tomorrow should be fun, and I have confirmation that the hockey player will NOT be showing, and that makes me doubly happy. He and my bartender friend are buds....and I was not looking forward to that confrontation considering that I called him on his lies etc and we never spoke since :) I do NOT need that shite.


Technodoll said...

Oh. My. GOD!

This is so freaking awesome, wooo!!! Not only are you a succubous, you're actually dressing up as one! reeeeerrrr!

I suppose blogging will have to wait while you peel yourself off... your couch... :-D

myself said...

Now you behave yourself now!!!!!

:D may be right.

As for my sofa, we just had that discussion....he is perturbed that I'm giving up my bed, but he won't get an ounce of sleep and the Expressvu guy is due....and the dogs will want out even at 7 am...fuckers

Need to put a curtain up over the bathroom door (dad hasn't finished the fucking bathroom yet....)