Saturday, October 4, 2008

t minus 12 hours picking tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to it.

Tonight I was at a surprise party for my youngest sister, who just graduated from nursing school. Starts her full time position on Monday at the local hospital - and is super stoked about it. I'm just glad she's found what she wants to do, being youngest, and my having moved out in her early teens, my sister was the least "watched" of all of us and she got herself in a lot of hot water up to age 25.

She's 33 now, and very serious about being a nurse. So yey!

So I'm just about to do housework, this place is a disaster, and I won't be around much tomorrow.

Iggy is yelping and yipping, seems he wants to go to bed and driving me crazy to try and get me to take him up.

To hell with the small dog. I'll cut his nails, that'll cure him (like to do that before I vacuum of course....)

So I bid you a fond nighty night


Technodoll said...

So how many nice "apples" did you snag! *grin*

Hope you went early before the clouds rolled in - mind you, the ominous weather makes for really interesting photos.

You DID get photos of HC, right?

myself said...

Yeah photos were good and you can go look at photos of HC.

He has photos of the 2 of use, had someone else take them while we were sitting down on the ground :)