Saturday, November 8, 2008

weekend blahs

So it's Saturday. I was out for breakfast with a friend, and now I'm at home cleaning and cooking.

For what you ask?


Just cuz.

It's gross, grey and raining out, and I'm in no mood.

Got a fucking parking ticket last night. I hate the McGill ghetto, I thought (due to my degree in astrophysics required to read Montreal parking/no parking signs)that where I was parking was alright, but the request for $42 of my hard-earned cash on my windshield says otherwise. It's my first ticket ever.

So, back to cooking and cleaning. Think I'll wash the floor (I am so often doing that the little pissing monsters - just can't wait the 1/2 hour extra for me to get home from work, no no have to empty ourselves on the wood floor that is becoming quickly ruined...).

Pea soup, and later vodka penne and an apple pie. The food food I can freeze, I don't know who I'm going to feed the pie to, I'm certainly not eating it.


Technodoll said...

Wait. You're making pie and not eating it? What's wrong with you, woman!!

Oh, vodka pasta - durrr. Now I get it :-D

Cooking and cleaning here too, not much else to do. Bleh.

myself said...

Oh the vodka pasta was AMAZING as it usually is....

And I had company to eat it :D

No. I don't generally eat sweets. Strange. I know.