Friday, November 28, 2008

pre-emptive post

Ok so I'm doing this now cuz y'ain't gonna hear from me til easily Sunday.

Fuck I'm busy.

Bell Center tonight, that is if I get confirmation this afternoon, list was submitted the other day and I haven't heard back yet...for the confirmation that is...guess I can just show and hope for the best? (see I'm doing this for the opening act, and they don't get as much clout as the headliner, obviously, in terms of photo passes etc, so while it's ok with them, it may not be ok with the promoter in which case I'll hear last minute this afternoon!)

Rock 'n roll yanno, it's only 12:43, they're not out of bed yet :)

And tomorrow HC and I are going out of town, to a friend of mine's housewarming and to do some sight seeing.

Good weekend all, I'll drop by as quickly as I can manage!

1 comment:

Technodoll said...

I sure hope that as I write this comment, you two are going at it like rabbits in the springtime :-D

*crosses fingers*

I just want you to be happy, woman. All kinds of happy.