Saturday, November 15, 2008

welcome to my migraine

Nothing like waking up, slowly, and realizing your head hurts to the point where you don't want to lift it off the pillow. Yep. It's raining cats and dogs and I have a weather-related migraine.

Didn't stop me from going to meet a friend for breakfast, then picking up another friend and driving to my parents place for the afternoon. We had fun, sat and yakked with my mother, laughed at her with the new internet (my parents live in the country and just graduated from dial-up to high speed...SHOCKING!), got plants, I got some info to prepare my flights into Europe from my dad and it was all good.

We stopped on the way home for dinner at the bestest fish & chips joint in Cornwall Ontario...oh my god, I may explode, but whatever, I eat there once a year. It's the best.

I'm watching ER right now, gotta love a PVR, and Dr Green is on. Anthony Edwards is a personal fav, I know he's a dork, and a bald dork, but I've been in love with the guy since the movie Gotcha from the 80s. I know. Idiot.

Ok. I'm crashing. Nite all. If you're in Montreal, this weather blows. It's official.


Technodoll said...

The weather blew all right... yuck, it pissed all fecking DAY LONG!

How on earth do you manage to do all of that with a migraine, a house full of critters and rain?? My god. I don't think I would have even gotten dressed...

myself said...

I'm bus special...what can I tell you?