Sunday, November 16, 2008



Oh how I love thee.

This has pretty much been a lost day during which I slept. Attempting to get rid of the pain I've had in my head since yesterday. Blurgh.

I'm not entirely looking forward to tomorrow. First off, I didn't go away for the weekend with the other managers, and there will be a honeymoon period for them before they start not working with each other again. I always work with everyone. But we have a management team that is primarily over 50, and they just don't for whatever reason I cannot fathom. Whatever.

I'm a bit blue this weekend if you hadn't noticed. Having a very insecure weekend for reasons that don't make alot of sense to me.

Me so dumb.

Anyway. Making myself some leek & potato soup (with bacon!) and I feel like baking so I'm making banana bread....except I probably won't eat that myself (except for a first hot slice with butter....mmmmm). First I'm starting with the bag of Alaskan crab legs I bought (food slut, I know...). I'll feed the banana bread to others....

Back to being insecure and cooking. What a combo.


Edit: the stupid cork won't fit back into the wine bottle (I never drink the whole thing in one shot). And I can't find one of those corky things that I've been given as a gift a few million times.

So I guess I have to drink the whole thing. I am feeling out of sorts, and still migrainey, so I guess a bit of drinking won't hurt, and if the pills won't make the migraine go away, make the fucker drunk :)


Edit #2: apparently crab legs aren't enough to cause me not to get loaded. So now, I'm writing a song, making the soup, thawing the fruz bananas, and I guess this is called drunk blogging.


Technodoll said...

Deffo the migraine speaking there girlie, that and the shitty weather. Go easy on yourself, will ya??

The thing with HC makes sense. More so the reason to make efforts to see each other outside of work, no? And there is always MSM, email, phonecalls... secret buddy system to get you two through the days :-)

Wine: emergency cork is easy, just stuff some saran wrap down the gullet very tightly. Works like a charm, baybeh!

Unless you *wanted* to drink all the wine... he hehe

Hope you feel better soon. Hang in there.

myself said...

I hate this migraine shit. Seriously. What. in. hell?????

I am going to feel like shit if I wake up tomorrow...if....

Yep makes sense with the HC, however, Mr Busy and Ms Busy = never seeing each other and this should be interesting. I'm letting him make some effort me sit back nervously in my office tomorrow.

Ok keeping the saran idea for next bottle of vino. It was strawberry wine, deffo yummy....amazing shite....and a half a of those teensies, so no biggie on having drunk the whoel shebang.

Except that I'm now drunk.

Banana bread will sop that up right? :D

Surfergrrl said...

sorry about that headache! i saw that on facebook. speaking of FB, it irritated me to see crush had posted something like, hanging out with all of my favorite people at (insert bar). And of course i wasn't there. FB is meant to make people who weren't invited to shit feel like shit. randomness. but anyway, my ups and downs go moment to moment. it's like being bipolar. if i'm playing vball i'm elated, if not, kind of down and depressed.

myself said...

Yeah FB sucks. I'm not on the HC's FB....well, no one from Canada blows.

Migraines. They're hell.

And then there's my emotions, up and down. HC asked what was up with me in the kitchen, in front of people, and when I'm feeling like this, I'll just cry, so I blew him off and now I feel guilty. Sigh.

I can't even make myself happy right now.

Technodoll said...

I forgot to ask, did you see HC at all today?... *crosses fingers*

PS: don't forget that S.A.D. settles in with the onslaught of dreary weather. Are you taking a dose of Vitamin D every day?...

myself said...

I saw HC in passing only. Like I said before, he knew I was off and stopped me to ask, but it was in front of people so I pretty much blew him off. I saw him on my way out of the building and he said something to the effect of not liking seeing me sad.

I'm no good at this.