Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday wonderment

The sun is shining, it's absolutely beautiful out....and I got my satellite installed today.

I'm never leaving the house again. 3 weeks without....OMG, it was hell..I have to catch up on Eastenders and Coronation Street, and Saving Grace, and shit, did Rescue Me start while I was incommunicado with the tv world?


I have no plans to leave the house. For the next month. That's it, anyone wants to see me they better come here, cuz baby, I have HBO, BBC Canada, Showcase....oh the list is long....yeehaw.

Mr 2 Channels down there on the mountain will be jealous.....hehehehe....I have much of that "American tv" as he calls it.

Sigh. Yeah. Last night was good.



Surfergrrl said...

isn't that funny how much you miss tv when you don't have it. it's like the best. thing. ever! :)

myself said...

I KNOW! How ridiculous is it?

I'm overdosing on CSI right now.....television...oh I missed you!

Technodoll said...

So... what happened last night!! Could TV possibly be better than that?

*puts on shocked expression*

myself said...


Playing coy here. Or quiet. Or whatever. The explanation is long and tedious to anyone other than myself...

However I was asked if I wanted to go away on a weekend.

8-0 yes...that was the look on my face as a I said ever so cheerfully...."yeah sounds like a great idea!!!!"