Friday, November 14, 2008

still lazy after all this time

No posts. Can't get the act in gear.

I'm sitting here watching all the other supervisors and managers leaving for a weekend work/brainstorming thing - have fun bitches! I'm stayin home! I had a previous engagement (with Matt Mays & El Torpedo) no.

And on that note, back to pseudo-work.


Technodoll said...

Wow, bummer... and what a weekend it is - even the fish are drowning. Uck. Glad you have lots of stuff to keep you busy, we're just vegging out here. Almost boring but we gots da booze, so... *grin*

I really hope you all get to go out together, I really do. If he introduces you to his friend... he's smitten :-)

myself said...

Booze is VERY important :P

Yeah. It would be a big deal to meet his friend HOWEVER, I believe said friend's english is less than stellar...hence I'm not sure I will meet him.