Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the good and the bad

Ok the bad. My little Emmy passed. My friend says this is the way it goes with the hammies, they can be fragile when small, and Emmy wasn't very old, only a few months, I have no idea what happened.

The good, well, I rescued another hammie that had been at the SPCA for a good long while. Her name is Bella, and she's been there months. So, one passed and I rescued another. I just told everyone they're not allowed to die! Not for a while at least. A little talking to...

Another bit of good was my little purchase today. See, I'm hoping it helps me earn some $$, so I spent $100 on a used mandolin. It's not a common instrument, it works for country, bluegrass (or newgrass) music as well as celtic music, and I want that sound for a few tunes I'm working on (one of them is the one I used the lyrics from the other day, from Rose Cousins). A friend books for a local joint and I'm hoping to get an acoustic gig possibly to help offset a few expenses. Once every few months would help nicely. Get some $$ put aside for the trip to Europe!

So tonight, I need to learn to play the freaking thing. It's fingering is completely different from the guitar, it's got 8 strings, but here's hoping I figure it out, I can remember the ukelele and it's the same thing....

Looks funny though, it's so small.

I need to cook myself some dinner and then I'm off to figure out how to play songs. Ah my life is bizarre.


Technodoll said...

Welcome home little Bella! Now you go and make your mama proud and stick around for a long time OK?

As for you young lady, didn't have enough on your plate eh? Ya had to stack more up on it, LOL!

I didn't know you played instruments... *bows in admiration*

myself said...

Yeah when's she's less afraid, I'm hoping that I can get a photo of Miss Bella. The SPCA are very happy I took her home, she was there way too long. Months.

Ah the music thing has always been there, and yep, I play instruments, I play the flute (transverse), guitar, the fife, all types of recorders, I used to play trombone and bassoon....and now I've added the mandolin.

On my FB there's a video of me singing fyi.....playing the geetar (badly, I'm really not the best guitar player alive).

Surfergrrl said...

i already told you this on fb, but I'm so jealous you can play an instrument. I don't have the discipline to learn. I tried guitar once...yeah that didn't happen. :) good luck! sorry about the hammie.