Monday, November 17, 2008

why negative?

I am feeling so negative, so down, I don't know what it is, perhaps it's the migraine, or leftovers, I'm not feeling happy and upbeat like I have for the past while. I hate it.

Anyway, I say this artist the other day - photographed her, and this song speaks to me, as an idication of every relationship I've had (or rather not had) in the past, just gives you an idea of my fears and my head space....

If You Were For Me
(Rose Cousins)

I been waiting to see your car drive up
I been wiaitng for you to stop by
I been hiding while it’s raining
just until it clears
waiting for my tears to dry

In the pictures I see people dancing
and you’re the one who gave them to me
now it feels like I been painted out of the scene
and you’re gonna get married

but if you were for me
I’d be sleeping at your house
and if you were for me
there would not be any doubt
that you were for me

no I can’t tell the morning from the afternoon
or the afternoon from the night
when it’s raining it’s painting them all
the same colors of grey and white
and I don’t want things to change
but I feel it happening
you’re blurred and out of range
it’s like there’s heat rising from everything

now the moon shines in thru my window
and I used to share this with you
and I’m scared of losing the you and me that I know
and I don’t know what to do

but if you were for me
then time would still be passing
and if yuou were for me
then I would not be asking

if you were for me
if you were for me
if you were for me


Technodoll said...

That is so sad :-(

Can I give you a big hug?

I don't understand why a fantastic, gorgeous, funny, smart and charismatic woman like you hasn't been swept off her feet yet (first marriage does NOT count).

What's WRONG with men these daysTT

myself said...

I could just be imagining things, but I tend to try to listen to myself and my instincts. I dunno. I think not being introduced to his friend is an idication of where I'm filed in his life?

Or I'm working myself up.

Anonymous said...

Hope things turn around for you soon! Let me know if you need anything. :)