Monday, November 24, 2008

visions of grandeur

So Friday night. Ladies and germs (drum roll please).....

*I* am taking photos at the Bell Center (I think...seems the people in Toronto think it's ok, just have to get the tour manager to answer me back!) Luke Doucet. Opening for James Blunt. Whoah. Me and the big lenses. Should be nerve wracking!

Today at work was interesting, it was all about pissing people off, a sales rep about a commodity and then my office in Toronto a couple times, because I'm right and they're I left at 5 feeling very satisfied with my day (LMAO!)
Men can be rather transparent.

Got an email from an artist about my photos of her today....what a nice woman. Got a chance to ask her some questions....

Ok that unstrung guitar? Still freaking unstrung. But I'm very awake and afraid to go to sleep due to my sleep induced migraine from yesterday/today, so it's frigging getting done NOW!

Oh and did anyone notice that the SAAQ now allows you to pay your registration in installments? Bout time. Due at the end of the month, sigh, it's like I owe them my life...and I should pay that parking ticket while I'm at it I guess eh?

Yay Quebec.

No snow. And now it's warm. How pleasant. I know it's only for a short time, however...

Oh a funny aside. The day I helped HC buy his winter jacket etc etc etc, I made him buy himself some long johns (keep in mind that he takes metro & bus to work, and work pants, even jeans, are freaking cold in winter when you're waiting on the corner of Cavendish & Cote Vertu). In conversation last night he thanked me for those suggestions, yesterday was minus 18 celcius....fraking cold....and apparently he discovered I was right about jeans being chilly....hehehehehe!


Surfergrrl said...

geez i feel bad when i complain that it's in the 60's. :) Congrats on the gig!

Technodoll said...

Tsk. It never is enough for them to get a warning, they have to try it out themselves and some loose fambly jewels in the process :-D

Tell that to HC aka dirty boy.

he he. DB. :-D

PS: yey for your gig, I'm very thrilled for you!!

myself said...

Surfergrrl - yeah the weekend was particularly special temperature wise...brrrrr merci on the gig!

TD - yeah, I know, I warned him there were things he wasn't going to want to freeze, but did he listen?? noooo, although he did buy the long johns at my insistence. Dirty Boy, yeah. Read up on my next posting. today has been highly amusing.

And yeah thrilled about my gig too! woot!