Sunday, November 23, 2008

unbridled laziness

It's not like I've done nothing this weekend, I have, I've had a tonne of things to do, still do, things I haven't gotten my arse in gear to take care of yet.

Like changing the strings on my 2 guitars. You would think, for someone that's played the instrument since maybe the age of 10, I could do it pretty quickly and without much hassle. And yet, I haven't gotten down to doing it yet.

Sigh. I make myself angry sometimes.

I haven't felt like writing recently. Part migraines, I can't think when I have one, ever, it just doesn't work properly, ever. Means I have to put way much more effort into it then I feel like.

And I've been writing music. Lyrics instead of blogging.

Or maybe not enough things in my life are going wrong right now? I have no idea. Maybe that's what is going on. I've always been like this, I used to have a journal (well I still do) and I only wrote in it when things were going pear shaped. Never when things were going well. Which doesn't entirely make sense to me.

Ok back to my lovely seared cajun scallops with greens & sweet potatoe. I'm hungry as hell. And I'll make someone a lovely wife someday (hahahahahah!)


Surfergrrl said...

the headaches sound painful. :( do you know why you get them?

i'm the same way with my blog. i've been struggling to come up with something interesting all weekend because my weekend was just par for the course...or at least maybe not that exciting for readers. Oh well, it's my blog and I'll do what I want to. ha ha.

glad to hear you get HC back.

myself said...

Yeah I guess that's it, it's just not interesting enough to blog about? I suspect angst is much more interesting for people to read (cuz I know you lurkers are out just don't comment LOL!)

And I'm just not that angst ridden right now!

Yeah. HC is back. Got a song sung in my ear walking down the office today, in portugese, and when I asked what it was about, I got a blush - I'm suspecting it was an ode to my ass..... :)

myself said...

Oh yeah the migraines...barometric pressure and excessive sleep.

Guess what I did this weekend because I thought I was getting a cold, and on top of it the weather can't decide what it's doing, it's a snow sky out there but the temp is above 0 celcius. Go figure. So, brain pain.

Technodoll said...

If I were a lesbeen I'd want you for my wife.

Sigh. Migraines stink.

May HC get your mojo flowing again soon, we miss ya my dear :-)