Wednesday, August 6, 2008

and then the heavens parted....

I will quote the woman I met in the elevator on my way back to the office from getting my coffee in the shop downstairs - she works for the Inuit school board and I like this philosophy..."someone stole the sun".

Yeah. No kidding. What a blast it is waking up, hearing the rain on the roof of the house, and wanting nothing better than to curl back up and say "fuck you" to the day.

However, back at work today, I have a sales call to make this afternoon (yucko!) and just can't be doing it.

Got something nice yesterday. You may notice the photo. This guy plays with the Bachman Cummings band and he is a) damned cute (I have a bald man thing) b) an amazing guitarist who plays with one of my absolute favorite Canadian acts Ron Sexsmith (no it's not just his name I enjoy!). I also love his guitar (this girl loves her a Gibson hollow-body....).

Anyhoodles, I have a Myspace page dedicated to my photography and I added him as a friend and he emailed me! Himself. Awwwww......I am very flattered that he let me know what he thought about my photography! Yey!

I am admitting to a lovely girl crush on him, k? At the concert, he winked at me because everytime he looked up my camera was directed at him....he was in a very bad place on the stage to get a shot of, so I kept trying....that or the light off his head was bad, only problem with bald men and cameras...

And I usually ignore guitarists, because, as the joke goes....

question: What's a guitarist without a girlfriend?
answer: Homeless!

So true in my past musician dealings, remember I was one once, I know of what I speak!!

Going to torture Kim Mitchell this weekend actually. He's playing out in the boonies near my parents place. Girlfriend of mine wants a good shot of his bass player, let's hope he's there!

Well. Me and my odd chatty posts, sorry, I don't blog about anything in particular and everything in general and it's just what I do, I can't help it!

Is anything I say useful?

Ok back to work. Sorta. Brain elsewhere, like, back in bed cuz a gray rainy day like this deserves covers over the head snoozing.


Technodoll said...

At least the clouds have parted a bit over downtown... jeeesh. Getting up this morning was torture,I agree.

And the guitarist waving hello is just awesome! you must be sporting a huge grin, I know I would! reeeeeeeeerrr!

Surfergrrl said...

i have a bald man thing too. that's cute he did that! :)

jesse said...

hey there.....I'm not sure if i contacted you already but you were just referred to me by Anick from the Technodoll blog, who i see has just posted above me..!

Anyway, she said that you might be interested in helping out with a campaign that I'm working on for a word of mouth marketing company called Matchstick.

Basically, we're looking for funky and fashionable women like yourself to test out a new beauty product.

Let me know if you're interested in participating in our program and receiving a fun product kit, worth about $50. All we would need to do is take you through a quick survey to make sure that you qualify.


Jesse Ship

myself said...

TD - oh yeah, stoked on the guitarist waving hello, think it's way cool....

surfergrrl - yeah bald men. What the hell is it? See, men forget that baldness occurs when there's too much testosterone...maybe it's that?

Jesse....I've dealt with you! LOL