Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Moan moan moan, bitch bitch bitch.

That is all.


Three more medals. We now have more than in Athens. Is this a good thing? Probably? Dunno. Seeing as I only like watching certain things I think I pretty much have no opinion except I like seeing the Canadian flag on the podium.

I'm reading "Why Men Love Bitches". Well I have the bitch part down let me tell you. No problem there. It's sustaining the bitch.

Took this CPR course yesterday (more on that later) and there was a hottie in the class and the nastier and bitchier I got, the more he flirted.

Men? I don't get the buggers!

So yeah CPR. I've done it before, this is a refresher for me, because being medically inclined as I am (daughter of nurse, sister of nurse, granddaughter of nurse, cousin of nurse, grand niece of nurse), I remembered everything from my last class. But MAN. I really object to being touched by strangers. I am not particularly fond of touching them either. I don't like having someone's arms around me for the heimlich. Yucko. One thing if someone's dying and you need to help them, then you do what you do, but practise? Um no. Boy I'm difficult to deal with.

Perhaps this is why I'm single? Nawwww, if I like someone enough it's not an issue...can't be that.

I'm little miss "charity girl" for the next month, this weekend coming it's over to the Big O to volunteer for the Walk to End Breast Cancer (5 am people...am I insane or WHAT?)then one weekend in September the Plane Pull for Centraide/United Way and a day later the Heart & Stroke Foundation 10km walk.

Lordy. Gonna be a tired month.

And well. NOthing much of great excitement to tell.

Boring as shit.


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Technodoll said...

Bein non, not boring... i love hearing about your efforts for good causes!

Almost lets me off the hook... almost. hrmph.

Men make as much sense as feet on a snake.